App | Added extra insights on task statistics

The information which is shared in the table with diagnostic data of a task has been expanded with some extra insights. From now on it is possible to derive information on why a specific task was triggered (and by whom). There can be four different reasons why a specific task was executed:

  1. External: The task is triggered via API url
  2. Manual: The task is triggered in App with the 'start now' button (we do show which person triggered the task)
  3. Auto: The task is triggered during the specified times in 'trigger' tab
  4. Chain: The task is triggered as a successor of a previous task

The task statistics can be consulted at Tweakwise App > Statistics & Reports > Tasks

Other improvements

  • Tweakwise App | In Tweakwise App > Search > Search algorithms a direct link/button to the relevant support-article was added, so the information on how to use and configure this algorithm is easy accessible
  • Tweakwise App | Fixed an annoying language bug that basically affected everyone! Tweakwise App should no longer fallback to English and just remember the language that is configured on a per user basis.
  • Tweakwise App | Somehow the searchbars at Tweakwise App > Recommendations were broken, which should be fixed by now.