App | Detailed score calculations for weighted formula

In Tweakwise App > Merchandising > Rules the preview page of the rule-type 'weighted formula' was updated with some extra data, in order to make it clear why products are sorted on their particular place.

On the opening of a weighted rule preview tab, initially it won't show the in depth information. For displaying, you need to check the 'Show score' checkmark on the right top of the table. The tabular data will then be expanded with extra information:

  • Extra row with the minimum and maximum values of every attribute, needed for calculation
  • On every product/article the outcome of the calculated value (score) is shown
  • On every product/article the relative percentage of the score is presented (which should add up to 100% on total for every row)
  • The final score of every product/article (which in the marks the order of the weighted rule) is shown in the column 'Order'. By clicking on ... the complete number is shown. The higher this score, the higher the product is shown based on this sorting rule.

Note: Good to know that empty values will be counted as with the attribute minimum value in ranking (shown in the top row). If so, the value is displayed in grey instead of 'empty', so it is clear which values are used for calculation.

For more information on how to setup the weighted rule formulas and the calculation which is used in the background, can be found in this article:

Other improvements

  • Tweakwise App | We’ve fixed a bug that caused blacklisted suggestions to be applied incorrectly. Specifically patterns which were supposed to match a specific word acted like a wildcard. This caused search phrase suggestions to be blacklisted incorrectly because blacklisting a word like “sun” would also incorrectly blacklist “sunflower”, for example.
  • Tweakwise App | We fixed a product name visualization issue in Tweakwise App. Letters with diacritics were displayed in an encoded form that made it impossible to read them. The display issue has been resolved, and the characters appear correctly.
  • Tasks | A global timeout was added that will cancel a job if it has been running for longer than 12 hours. When a job runs for this long, something is definitely going wrong and we will kill the job execution. Note that this likely won't solve issues with GA4 jobs being stuck, we currently still encounter. That is probably caused by another issue that is not affected by the timeout.
  • Tasks | Feed imports could fail if products were deleted via the backend API while the feed import was running at the same time. This now shouldn't happen anymore.