App | Dimensions for Google Analytics 4 reports

With Universal Analytics (UA) being phased out last year (2023, July 1st) we implemented a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) module as its successor in Tweakwise App. As all of are customers are migrated in the meantime, we encountered some behavior we did not expect.

Apparently, as GA4 is way more flexible in configuration than UA, customer reports can be set-up with some dimensions you can use to group and filter your data. We updated our module so we are completely compatible with these configuration.

So, if you have configured your GA4 property and dimension reports based on for example hostname or language, we can split your reports in Tweakwise App too. This means that there is no longer a requirement to have a one on one relation between storeview and Google-property. You can use one property for multiple storeviews and purposes.

Google Analytics 4 is a paid feature and is accessible under Tweakwise App > Connectivity > Google Analytics 4