Feature | New module to modify stop list/words

Tweakwise contains a stoplist for 9 different languages. These words are filtered out of the index because they generally aren’t relevant to the search requests. A stop word is a word with no linguistic meaning, like ‘the’, ‘a’ and ‘an’.


Please note! These are advanced settings. Changes can have a considerable effect on the search results of your website. Please read the documentation before removing stopword from the list.

By removing these words from the index, the search function will become faster and more effective. However, this behavior can result in issues when a certain words should be included in the search, for example when a stop word is part of a product name. With the specific word still being present in the list of stop words, the search results will be empty or incomplete (because the word is excluded from the index).

In order to alter some functionality of our search algorithms, it now is possible to make modifications to these so called stop lists by yourself. It is possible to both add or remove certain words from these lists, simply by specifying those in a separate App module.

Covered languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish.

The module to add or remove words from the stop words can be found at Tweakwise App > Search > Filler mutations