App | Showing redirects on top of Search algorithms

Really minor but important for understanding, we have added the Redirects-algorithm on top of the 'Search algorithm' in Tweakwise App > Search > Search algorithms, as every search request always starts with checking on available redirects. We've decided to show it prominently on top, as there was some confusion and misunderstanding on how this settings could affect your search behavior. Redirects is a locked algorithm and therefore can not be switched to another position.

Next to that, we made the overall page of the Search algorithms simpler. We have added buttons to each algorithm linking them to their respective support articles, and we moved the 'Add algorithm' button to below the table to comply with new algorithms being added to the bottom of your funnel too.

Other improvements

  • Tweakwise App | In a hypothetical situation where your Tweakwise instance is still being created while accessing Tweakwise App, we now do show a neat error message that the instance is not ready for use yet (instead of throwing an unknown server 500 error).
  • Frontend API | There is a field showselectedfirst that was already available in the XML-response of our navigation endpoint, but was missing from the JSON version of that same response. This field can be used as an indicator which determines whether selected filters should be shown on top of a facet.
  • Tweakwise App | Tweakwise App now is completely available in German language. You can access Tweakwise in German by using the language switch button by clicking on your avatar in the top right of the screen first.
  • Tweakwise App | We've rebranded the Tweakwise Account login pages as we did with the Tweakwise Instance Select screen. We changed the display font throughout the app to have it more in line with our marketing.
  • Tweakwise App | We also simplified the Merchandising templates detail and creation page. The labels with rules and templates are now separated and at the bottom of the page instead of showed on top.
  • Tweakwise App | We fixed in-app tooltips that were annoyingly disappearing when you hovered on them. Also fixed a bug on redirecting when initializing a new JS Instance from within Tweakwise App.
  • Backend API | We've added status to the BackendApi get instance call. If an instance is not yet ready for use, it will have the status New. Other possible states are Active and Inactive.
  • Suggestions JS | A bug was fixed in our Suggestions JS solution, where when looking for redirects for a specific search term, the current category was not taken into consideration. This is now fixed.