App | Synonym suggestions based on AI

In Tweakwise, we use synonyms for words that your customers may call differently than the webshop does. For example, a customer might search for a tunic, while the webshop calls it a dress. A synonym is a word that means roughly the same as one or multiple other words and in this particular case, you can create a synonym for tunic and dress.

Synonyms are really powerful and can be used to correct typos that aren't corrected by autocorrection as well, such as L'Oréal and Loreal. With our latest innovation, we do some synonym suggestion based on AI by introducing Tweakwise Copilot. Although this can be very useful, we do believe in the human factor in creating synonyms (as AI still has problems in understanding context).

At the moment of writing, this feature runs in beta-modus (with some known minor issues) but is available to anyone interested.