Frontend API | Add redirects for search phrase suggestions

Redirects can be triggered when a user enters a specific search term on your website. With Tweakwise’s autocomplete feature, your users get suggestions for search phrases while they’re typing. Sometimes there is a suggested search phrase that would result in a redirect. However, previously you would first have to do a navigation search or products request to know if there was a redirect for the chosen search phrase.

With the addition of adding redirects directly in the response for search phrase suggestions, we’ve removed the need for a separate call. This means your users can get redirected immediately instead of having to wait for an extra request, speeding up the user experience.

<!--This is an example of a XML response for a suggestions call-->
<suggestionGroups xmlns:i="">
        <redirects> <!--The new redirects node-->
// This is an example of a JSON response for a suggestions call
        "name": "Suggestions",
        "type": "SearchPhrase",
        "suggestions": [
                "match": "Apple",
                "navigationLink": {
                    "path": "/navigation-search/tweakwise?tn_q=Apple",
                    "context": {
                        "searchterm": "Apple"
                "redirects": [ // The new redirects object
                        "url": ""

The following endpoints have been affected by the change: