Frontend API | Addition of origin information

The builder and pinning have an effect on the way products get sorted. It's already possible to view how the builder and pinning influenced the sorting in the demoshop. However, we also wanted to make this information publicly available as part of the frontend API.

For that reason we've added new information to all products, in both the JSON and XML response, we call origin. The origin field gets added whenever the builder or pinning was responsible for the position of that product in the sorting.

<!--This is an example of a XML response for a product-->
  <title>Tweakwise Hoodie Blue</title>
  <origin> <!--The new origin node-->
// This is an example of a JSON response for a product
    "itemno": "10001-101",
    "title": "Tweakwise Hoodie Blue",
    "price": 24.95,
    "brand": "Tweakwise",
    "url": "",
    "origin": { // The new origin object
        "type": "visual-merchandising",
        "name": "Pinned"

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