Feature | Support for Google Analytics 4 reports

We can finally announce that we implemented support for Google Analytics 4 as the successor of Universal Analytics (UA), as this will be deprecated by Google from the 1st of July, 2023. Customers with the Google Analytics module enabled (Universal Analytics) in Tweakwise, will get access to our GA4-module automatically.

As Google Analytics 4 is entirely new from Google's perspective, you must configure your Google settings in Tweakwise again via a new approach. You must first link your account with Tweakwise and create some reports to do so. For each report (we distinguish between custom reports and pageview reports), you can select the property and metrics you want to retrieve from Google and link it to the proper attribute in Tweakwise. Once set up, all your created reports will run daily (or at any other interval) via the Tweakwise tasks module.

Retrieved data will be saved per report in the external attributes under the name you gave the report, with a ga4-prefix. After that, you are free to use this data anywhere in Tweakwise.


Both versions of our Google modules work simultaneously and won’t conflict with each other. However, we suggest using GA4 as soon as possible to collect and compare data with your Universal Analytics data before stopping using the old module.

Read more: [Googles announcement on GA4 and the deprecation of UA](Google Analytics 4 has replaced Universal Analytics)