Magento | Correct use of Category tree settings

Today we have a big update to announce regarding the behavior of the Category tree settings and its interpretation by our Magento plugins. The category view in Magento differs from the way it is presented in Tweakwise Demoshop which we consider to be desired and common behavior. This difference is related to the way how (sub)category levels in fact are shown.

We've added a setting to Magento2Tweakwise plugin in which you can define whether to use the old/existing way of presenting, or whether you want to use the desired way of presenting the category tree. The setting can be found under Stores > Catalog > Tweakwise > Layered Navigation >Category View in your Magento backend and is set to simple by default. This represents the current way of presenting and nothing will change if you do not touch this setting. If the setting is changed to extended, the category view is changed to the same view as the Tweakwise Demoshop.

The correct way of interpreting the category tree settings, is by showing multiple levels of categories always. This tree structure can be directly visible (recommended) or being collapsible depending on your front-end implementation. This differs from the link structure, where only the relevant category will be shown including the single parent category it belongs to.

Other improvements

  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Resolved a security vulnerability linked to product sorting.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Fixed an issue causing JavaScript errors with the Hyva theme and Ajax navigation.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Enhanced SEO by removing 'p1' from URLs; this issue specifically affected the query parameter strategy for URLs.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Rectified a bug causing an undefined index in active filters while using the ALP module.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Addressed a problem where 404 errors were logged in Magento when a product, no longer available in Tweakwise (e.g., out of stock), still had recommendations called. This change prevents such 404 errors from being logged.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Fixed an issue causing double filter values in URLs. This occurred when activating a filter while personal merchandising was active, resulting in incorrect filter URLs with doubled values.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Improved handling of double values in URL filters. Now, only consecutive double values, such as '/tables/tables/shape/oval', are removed.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Removed redundant double slashes in category URLs.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Prevented category ID from being added to the URL during certain category searches, ensuring URL consistency.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.7.5 | Cleaned up unused imports.
  • Magento2TweakwiseExport v6.0.0 (breaking change) | Modified the response returned when accessing the feed via URL to prevent header already sent errors with some external modules. This change might affect any customer-added code executed after reading the feed, though it's unlikely that any customers have such code.
  • Magento2TweakwiseExport v6.0.0 (breaking change) | Fixed a bug where a disabled stock source was still exported to Tweakwise in the product's stock count. Now, disabled stock locations won't export stock to Tweakwise, and products with no enabled stock locations won't be exported.
  • Magento Tweakwise Hyva v2.3.7 | Fixed a bug where, with personal merchandising enabled, refreshing a page with a page number in the URL (?p=2) reverted to the first page. The fix ensures the URL stays on the same page.
  • Magento Tweakwise Hyva v2.3.7 | Added styling support for the ALP overview page within the Hyva theme. Related user story 166879