Magento | Instant personal components (via Varnish)

We made major changes to the way how product tiles are cached and rendered in our Magento 2 plugins, enabling us to serve instant components like personal products ('last viewed', 'previously bought') based on tn_profilekey. The profile key is an identifier for the person browsing your website who is initiating the navigation requests. This same identifier could be used to identify the visitor when sending events to our Analytics API.

Based on the sent events, the visitor can receive personalized results. With every event sent to our Analytics API, we can update the information in the profile and calculate new 'best matches' for that specific person, instantly. Some persistent caching mechanisms (something Magento is pretty good at) does not help increasing conversion related to the topic of personalization. We fixed this by implementing some hybrid way of doing cache for our Magento plugins, but it requires Varnish to be installed and configured.

If you have the Personalization feature enabled and enabled Varnish in your Magento configuration, we now do serve cached versions of product tiles but the order/sorting of products is instantly retrieved from our Frontend API without doing a separate request via Ajax. This ensures that instant (personal) components are much faster than before, and no extra requests (and flickering on page) is needed when loading the page.


Breaking change. Varnish required!

  • Magento2Tweakwise v7.0.1
  • Magento2TweakwiseHyva v3.0.0

This change might cause issues if you’re already using Personal components within Tweakwise Builder (know as Personal Mechandising before) but not have Varnish set up yet. This could lead to non desired behavior so we kindly request to test your new versions thoroughly before hitting production!

Other improvements

  • Magento2Tweakwise v7.0.1 | Fixed an issue with autocomplete not being visible.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v7.0.1 | Fixed a problem where attribute names weren’t recognized if they had different letter cases.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v7.0.1 | Fixed a bug that limited the number of featured products displayed.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v7.0.1 | Removed duplicate keys for attributes on landing pages.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v7.0.1 | Stopped deleting attribute names unnecessarily when saving an attribute.
  • Magento2Tweakwise v7.0.1 | Added a check to cancel old autocomplete requests if a new one is made.
  • Magento2TweakwiseHyva v3.0.0 | Fixed an issue with filter search not working when the filter is collapsed.
  • Magento2TweakwiseExport v7.1.0 | Fixed an issue where the wrong stock index table was used.
  • Magento2TweakwiseExport v7.1.0 | Added a new attribute "is_salable" to the export. This shows if a product can be sold in Magento.