Magento | Native support for Searchbanners

In Tweakwise App > Search > Banners you can easily set up banners which can act as an ad that is displayed on a search results page (based on a specific search term). This ad consists of a clickable image, which leads to a new page, and can be used for various purposes like: stimulate sales of certain products, highlight certain offers, showcasing products and / or brands. The Banners module lets you set up a banner for a certain period, based on specified search terms or for all search terms.

Until now, we did not cover this feature in our Magento plugins but now we do. We follow all the settings which are available and described in this article: How do I set up a new search banner? The configured Searchbanners should work out of the box at least for the default Magento Luma theme. If you run a custom theme, you might need to do a technical implementation still.