Magento | Prevention of duplicate attribute slug values

Magento2Tweakwise v5.8.3 | Implemented prevention of duplicate attribute slug values. Previously, attribute values with variations in their representations, such as Black and Black", resulted in duplicate entries in the tweakwise_attribute_slug table. This duplication could disrupt filter functionality if the incorrect value was retrieved. This issue has been fixed by appending a unique identifier ("-") followed by a number to each slug, ensuring their uniqueness. Note that attributes with previously duplicated slug values will require re-saving to activate this fix.

  • Magento2Tweakwise v5.8.3 | Resolved a notice issue pertaining to missing variables when the shopping cart is empty. Previously, certain sections of the application would trigger notices due to uninitialised variables when the cart was empty. This symptoms occurred mainly in case cross-sell products were enabled on a cart page.
  • Magento2TweakwiseExport v6.0.2 | Implemented enhancements resulting in a significant 20% improvement in export speed for production sites, as observed with a limited dataset. Key improvements include:
    • Previously, the $this->log->debug function was called for every category or product, regardless of whether the site runs in production mode. This led to unnecessary overhead, as the function is slow and does not log actually anything when in production. The fix includes implementing a check for production mode before invoking the function, thereby reducing unnecessary processing.
    • In the getPriceValue function, price fields were fetched for each row, resulting in redundant data retrieval. To mitigate this inefficiency, the fix involves passing the already known price fields to the function, eliminating the need for fetching them repeatedly for each price. This optimization contributes to improved overall performance during data export operations.
  • Magento2TweakwiseExport v6.0.2 | With the removal of Class Zend_Http_Client from Magento 2.4.6, the triggerTweakwiseImport function didn't work any longer. To address this issue, we replaced the Zend client with the LaminasClient, ensuring the continued functionality of the affected feature.
  • Magento2Tweakwise Hyva v2.3.9 | Fixed a bug with category URL's being incorrect. If the category view is set to tree (in Tweakwise App), the category URLs in the Hyva theme were incorrect. When navigating through categories, the URLs contain the current category URL for other categories. When selecting the "Women" category, the URL for the "Men" category appears as https://shop.url/women/men, instead of https://shop.url/men.
  • Magento2AttributeLanding v4.1.4 | Fixed the inconsistency to ensure that categoryId is always treated as an integer.