New Tweakwise Demoshop for debug information

If you're experiencing an issue in your shop, you should always check the Tweakwise Demoshop to determine whether the cause lies within Tweakwise or if there is something with the rest of your shop. Our Demoshop did not have major updates in ages (because of technical reasons), although we do have ambitious plans with it. By announcing our new version of the Demoshop (based on new techniques), we should be able to do update more often and to add valuable debug information our customers could use to improve their shop quality.

Our new Demoshop was completely developed with the newest techniques and does cover all functionality of the previous one. You can access our Demoshop from within Tweakwise App, like it was before via either the Demoshop menu or via Catalog > Categories.

Our Demoshop shows only functions from Tweakwise. You won't see a shopping cart, banners or landing pages. You can use this environment to check whether search, filtering, sorting, builder and recommendations are set up correctly. There is no caching involved. However, changes in for example filtering are only visible after running a new Publish task. After a successful publication, changes are immediate visible in the Demoshop.


Our new Demoshop is enabled by default for all users. However, the previous environment is still accessible in case some information is missing (or you don't like the new design). If you do want to use the old Demoshop, you should turn off the 'New Demoshop' feature in the user preferences section in Tweakwise App (by clicking on your avatar). The old environment will be phased out soon and won't get new feature-updates.