Overall | Fixes and improvements (Jun 2023)

  • Tweakwise App | The matching dimension and attribute values for Google Analytics 4 reports are now case insensitive, just like it works in the UA module. It's also more consistent with the rest of Tweakwise. For example, a page URL like example.com/ABC will now match a product if it has an attribute slug with a value like example.com/abc.
  • Tweakwise App | We fixed a bug where there was no inline validation on the metrics and dimension when creating a custom GA4 report, resulting in the module doing 'nothing'.
  • Tweakwise App | Just as for search phrases, category and facet suggestions, it is now possible to provide a name for product suggestions. This information will be presented in the response of our Frontend API. It could help create a better user experience while implementing autocomplete on your website.
  • Tweakwise App | We've done a bugfix for Google Analytics 4 where the report preview table was practically unusable with long values. Besides, it was possible to select the Page URL dimension when creating a custom report, which shouldn't be the case.
  • Tweakwise App | Some customers may have experienced slow loading of derived attribute pages where it sometimes took almost one minute to open a detail page of some attributes. We've improved the performance of the derived attribute module, although we still lack some in-app performance here.
  • Tweakwise App | We have changed the way GA4 metrics are imported for custom reports. Before, a product could have multiple values for the same metric in a report; now, all these values are summed up, resulting in one value.


  • JS Implementation | We fixed a bug where the tn_parameters were not URL appropriately encoded, resulting in problems for some customers.
  • JS Implementation | A bug was fixed where the scroll-to-top functionality (after filtering of paginating) didn't work on Safari browsers.


  • Magento2Tweakwise | We made minor speed improvements by removing whitespaces in the JSON objects and fixing some vulnerabilities by adding extra XSS protection to the Magento Tweakwise extension.
  • Magento2TweakwiseHyva | Search banners were not shown correctly to shops that use Hyva, but now they do again.
  • Magento2TweakwiseExport | Our export functionality is now expanded with two new options: you can choose to export only stock or price information. As there is less data to generate and export, this should lead to at least a fifty percent performance win.
  • Magento2Tweakwise | Category numbers won't longer be added to the search URLs while using AJAX.