Overall | Fixes and improvements (Nov 2022)


Release freeze

We had a release freeze from November 14th until November 28th as we entered Black Friday Season. We did not do any releases on our platforms and APIs in that period to guarantee uptime and stable software.

  • Tweakwise App | It is no longer possible to configure local paths as URLs for importing tasks. We also added some validation on having an empty URL configured, which could lead to errors.
  • Tweakwise App | If your Tweakwise instance is running with outdated data (3 months without publication), we show a notification bar on how to solve this. In most cases, a new publication will solve this problem.


  • JS Implementation | Some events in the JS didn't fire when expected. So we've introduced new events that work better while keeping the old ones for backward compatibility. One of them is an event that is triggered when the selection in the filter changes.
  • JS Implementation | We have added unique CSS class names for filter values so that you can apply custom styling to filter values as well.
  • JS Implementation | We had some translations done regarding the German language defaults.
  • JS Implementation | When pressing the back button in the browser, from now on, the previous state of the Javascript will be restored.
  • Guided Selling JS | The configured theme color in Guided Selling for Javascript will affect the color of checkboxes as well.
  • JS Implementation | We’ve added an option to enable hidden filters (tn_parameters) specifically for the PLP requests.
  • JS Implementation | Our Javascript was conflicting with some other Javascript plugins, which was solved.


  • Magento2Tweakwise | We changed the way a parent category is shown in autocomplete results. We changed the syntax 'Parent name / Child name' to 'Parent name > Child name', as this would be more common sense. So basically, we changed the / with an >.
  • Magento2TweakwiseHyva | Search results now show the right item count in the Hyva theme for Commerce.
  • Magento2TweakwiseHyva | Featured products and cross/upsell are now shown correctly in the Hyva theme.
  • Magento2TweakwiseHyva | The color swatch selection was not working for the Hyva theme, but now it is.
  • Magento2Tweakwise | In some cases, we showed the wrong order of color swatches when requested.
  • Magento2Tweakwise | Wrong prices were shown in the autocomplete results.