Overall | Fixes and improvements (Sep 2023)

  • Tweakwise App | We fixed a bug where the Tweakwise App would briefly show an error message when opening the App again after some period of time. We fixed it twice. A first fix delayed opening the App, but that annoying behavior was solved quickly after.
  • Tweakwise App | After we had previously implemented a word breaker functionality for suggestions, the priority sorting for search phrases was the full-text rank. We now use the established rank again (as it is supposed to be), as seen in the established suggestions module.
  • Tweakwise App | A small change was made to the Google Analytics 4 module, where the report preview will let you know if the report does not contain any data instead of showing an empty table (which feels more like something went wrong).
  • Tweakwise App | We fixed a bug in Tweakwise App > Connectivity > Google Analytics 4 where the module would sometimes crash/freeze; for example, when trying to open a report. This should no longer be the case.
  • Tweakwise App | In the category tree view in the app, under Builder, you can use the parent template as an inheritance option in addition to not using a Builder template. By doing this, you no longer need to configure all underlying categories if they are meant to use the same Builder template.


  • Guided Selling JS | We've made minor updates to our Javascript Guided Selling. Navigating between steps will now always take you to the top of the container element. Apart from that, if a step has a single-answer question, the ui.autoAdvance feature will take you to the next step automatically. The results page from now on shows the amount of found items, which can be styled or hidden using custom CSS.
  • Suggestions JS | We removed the skeleton loading from the UI element as it was deemed distracting, and the server's requests are speedy anyway.
  • JS Implementation | For all of our Javascript solutions, it is possible to configure translation overwrites from now on. It not only makes it possible to do your own style of translations for our default languages, but it should also allow you to serve our JS in every other language. Complete information about this feature can be found at the Tweakwise JS technical documentation.
  • JS Implementation | We have fixed a bug where the combined configuration of the filter position on top and the grid list button enabled would not yield the product view switcher. Now customers can use the view switcher with filters on top.
  • JS Implementation | In the JS Implementation plugin, we have fixed an animation when opening and closing a facet - now, the animation works correctly in both cases.
  • JS Implementation | We have fixed a bug in the JS Implementation where a joint setting of 'Number of values' (any value) & 'Show number of products' (disabled) in filter settings within a filter template would interfere with showing a set number of filter values in a facet.