App | Category products count and products list

The category tree in Tweakwise App > Catalog > Categories has been extended with a products count, so it is quickly visible how many products are directly connected to that specific category. When viewing a category in detail by clicking on it, there is now a new products widget that contains all the directly connected products. This widget is infinite scroll, so all the connected products are viewable there.

Important to note is that when viewing the specific category in Tweakwise Demoshop, you might see more products, as that also shows the children category products. In the App however we only show the directly connected products for providing a better insight in those.

Other improvements

  • Tweakwise App | When a category is set as inactive, the underlying categories are also not visible/active. This behavior was not clearly reflected in Tweakwise App > Catalog > Categories. Now if a parent category is marked as inactive, the children will be display in red and italic font as well. When viewing this category in detail, the Category status checkbox is set as inactive and disabled (so you can not change it). There is also a corresponding message beneath it explaining that the parent is inactive.
  • Tweakwise App | In Tweakwise App > Search > Search algorithms we have made the attributes on some algorithms clickable, linking them to their corresponding settings in other modules.
  • Tweakwise App | In Tweakwise App > Merchandising > Templates you can now easily access the corresponding Merchandising Rule by clicking on its name.
  • Tweakwise App | In Tweakwise App > Search > Banners we've changed the translations of link-target settings (click type). We explain in more understandable words that _blank does mean 'open link in new window' and that _self does mean 'open link in same window'.
  • Tweakwise App | Publish tasks resulted in errors in case Category Match was enabled as a Search algorithm, while there were one or more categories available with more than 100 characters in length. This limit has changed to 500 chars in length, which should be suitable to all needs.
  • Tweakwise App | The threshold for Google Analytics 4 report days has been increased from 100 to 365 days.
  • Tweakwise App | In Tweakwise App > Search > Filler mutations we added a second tab 'Stoplist' which contains data of how the stoplist is used within your instance. You get a detailed overview on which stopwords (fillers) are in used per attribute.
  • Tweakwise App | We have freshened-up the way data tables look in the legacy part of our App to make the design more unified.
  • Tweakwise App | A warning disclaimer for in filter search (in Filter templates) saying it is not available in Magento was obsolete and therefore removed, as we do support this feature in Magento now as well.
  • Tweakwise App | Buttons in App that lead to support articles (Search algorithm module) now link to the correct target language depended on what you have set up in Tweakwise App.
  • Tweakwise App | Added SKU column to the attribute download file in Tweakwise App > Catalog > Attributes. It's sorted by attribute value data type. If SKU is not present or properly assigned, this column will be skipped in the file.