App | Personalization triggers in new Demoshop

Our recently introduced Demoshop now reflects instance settings in relation to Personalization being enabled or not. If not, setting of your profile key will be hidden and no profilekey value will be sent over with any request. You can now also manually trigger analytics events (both product view and product purchase) from the product's quick view. The only event that is being fired automatically (if personalization is on for the instance) is the search event.

Javascript demo

There is also a new Demoshop for customers using our JavaScript implementations. This is set up automatically when an instance is created and you are able to see and interact with the implementation. Custom product tiles are supported out of the box and the implementation code (see blue button in the bottom of the page) can be just copied and pasted by customers to try out. This code does reflect instance settings and should work out of the box.

There is currently no button to get there, but you can expect one soon in the new JS Hub. For now, the easiest way to get there is to change /navigation/ (or /search/) in the URL to /javascript/.

Note: Most customers have the Suggestions module enabled by default, you can disable it manually via a GET-query parameter if you want to see an implementation with instant search, e.g. ?suggestions=false. You can preview any JS implementation with any font available in Google Fonts with another query parameter, e.g. ?font=Great+Vibes (uses Great Vibes Google Font).

Other improvements

  • Tweakwise App | A new module was introduced, replacing all three properties modules (feed, external, derived) and merging the functionality into one new Attributes module. Try it out by toggling the new flag in your user menu in Tweakwise App. In this module you can enjoy fast search and filtering among all of the product attributes at once. Attribute detail pages remain the same. Note: The one thing missing to make this functionally equivalent to the old modules (still accessible) is a delete button in the list view, for that you may need to go back to those modules.
  • Tweakwise App | A preview tab was added to Tweakwise App > Recommendations > Featured products which shows a table with products, the attributes configured in the selection tab, and a refine column. That final Refine column shows the category id if 'display single product per (sub)category' was configured, or shows the attribute value if 'display single product based on a unique property' was configured as refine category option in the tab General. The main purpose of this column is to verify whether products are grouped correctly or not. If there is no refined category selection, the columns will be hidden. Additionally, it shows the limit of products selected in the General tab.
  • Tweakwise App | Removing the link between a property and a connected filter template can from now on been done in bulk from within the property detail 'Used' view in Tweakwise App > Catalog > Properties. For the specific property, one or multiple filter templates can be selected from which you want to cancel the connection.
  • Tweakwise App | The sorting of filter values in case of a derived property can now be done manually as well. This option was already available for other properties, but not yet possible for derived properties. Apart from manual sorting, you can choose for sorting based on: product amount, alphabetic, reversed alphabetic, accrued, numerical.
  • Tweakwise App | A change was made in the new items module where we now show the image and url values of the attributes that are assigned as special characteristics (by Tweakwise). Now this module shows the values exactly like our Demoshop and how our Frontend API returns them.
  • Tweakwise Demoshop | When going to the new Demoshop (which runs as an experimental feature still) from the Tweakwise App > Demoshop without selecting a category, you would end up on a 404 page. This has been now prevented and you must always choose a category.
  • JS Implementation | In the core of our Javascript implementations (used for Instant Search), we added a new configuration option ui.scrollBehavior with which you can choose to either have smooth or instant-jump scrolling on navigation and filtering.
  • JS Implementation | It is now possible to show checkboxes in combination with color facets. This is not done through configuration but rather by use custom customer styling. A detailed explanation for the color facet can be found here.