Feature | Connect external services with Builder

In you want external sources to influence your presence, relevancy and sorting of products in Tweakwise, you need our newest innovation: External Data Components. This new component for our Merchandising Builder is introduced to connect external services with Tweakwise. An external service or API can be used to change the sorting of products Tweakwise returns. This can be any available third party services like CDPs or Retail Media solutions (some webshops gain such popularity that selling positions on product lister pages to advertisers becomes viable), but also your own custom built API.

Good to note is that you can not add or inject products or items onto your listings which are not yet available or existing within your Tweakwise catalog. Catalog items always should be imported already via either a feed import or by making use of our Backend API.

Builder component

The Merchandising Builder can be used to manipulate the order of products that Tweakwise returns, on top of a set of sorting rules which can be applied as well. For example you can place a predefined 'last viewed product' or a 'product of a certain brand' component by using the Merchandising Builder. An External Data Component however should be created from within the Merchandising Builder. If the specific feature is enable for your instance, a step by step wizard will popup once you click on the 'New component' button.


Technical Proficiency

Due to the nature of the external data component, you're going to need some technical proficiency to get it up and running. If you need assistance, please contact Customer Support or your Customer Succes Manager.