Validate a feed

During the feed import we validate the feed and provide clear error messages if something is not correct. If it is sufficient that you get feedback about your feed at the moment we import it, you can skip this guide and move on to Make a feed available.

For some workflows it may be desirable to validate the feed before attempting to import it in Tweakwise. If this seems like something you need, keep reading.

Validating with an XSD

If you want to validate the feed before running the import task in Tweakwise, you could use our XML Schema Definition (XSD) for that. An XSD defines what elements are required and can provide constraints on values inside elements.

You can find the XSD for a feed at the following location:


As the name implies, the XSD only ensures your feed adheres to the schema Tweakwise expects the feed to be in. During the import of the feed, a more extensive validation is done on the content as well. For example, the XSD can't cover checking whether the feed only contains a single root category, but that validation is done during import. It is therefore good to be aware that the XSD isn’t a guarantee the import will succeed.

Using custom software

Most programming languages support validation using an XSD. Check the documentation of your preferred programming language or ask you implementation partner for more information.

Using an online tool

There are online tools available you can use. This could be especially useful if you are manually creating a first feed. Here are a few examples of such tools:


Please be aware that you are uploading data to online tools and have no way to know what they do with it. You should read the terms of service and privacy policy of the tools you use. Moreover, also make sure that you have the legal right to upload the data you are providing to those tools.

Using a local tool

There are also some tools you can download and use locally to validate XML against an XSD.

  • XML Validator Buddy: A graphical user interface (GUI) tool built specifically for validating XML with XSD.
  • Altova XML Spy: This is more than just a validator. It is a full blown editor that you can use to create XML in different visual ways.

What’s Next

Learn how to make your feed available to Tweakwise in the next chapter