Getting started

Technical integration overview


Here are the key milestones for a succesful Tweakwise integration:

Milestone 1: kick-off

Our journey begins here! We'll map out our integration plan, complete with a timeline and key milestones to guide us to success.

Milestone 2: πŸ“Š catalog

Next, we gather all your catalog data and import it into Tweakwise.

Milestone 3: πŸ”¨ implementation

With the data ready, we start the actual technical integration using API, JS or 3rd party platform.

Milestone 4: ⭐ configuration

Our Tweakwise Onboarding team jumps in to configure your instance, ensuring it performs at its very best.

Milestone 5: πŸ§ͺ training & tuning

Join your Tweakwise Onboarding Specialist to fine-tune the integration. Together, you'll make the necessary adjustments to get everything just right.

Milestone 6: πŸš€ live

We've reached the finish line! The integration is complete, and it's time to celebrate your new, optimized setup.