Third party integrations

For creating a feed using your e-commerce platform, there are multiple plugins available.


Good to know

These plugins, extensions or tools are not created by Tweakwise but we cooperate with their authors to provide them with information to develop and maintain them.
If you need (technical) support please contact the authors of the plugins. If they not suit your needs please contact the author for feature requests or consider to take the feed creation into your own hands.


Emico provides multiple extensions for integrating Tweakwise into you Magento platforms. For creating a feed they have a separate extension available:



Richard Haeser created a nice plugin for Shopware which contains export functionality too:


To be able to export your Shopify product information, Mulwi created a Shopping feed for Tweakwise:


If you need to transform your existing feed into a feed that has the Tweakwise format, you could consider using the Channable Tweakwise integration:


Please note

Channable and Mulwi are tools to create a product feed. Because the Tweakwise feed has some more requirements regarding categories, multiple storefronts and/or languages, it's possible these tools are not (fully) compatible with your site structure. Feel free to contact us for support on this matter.