What is Tweakwise?

Explore how Tweakwise enhances e-commerce performance with comprehensive tools for site search, merchandising, and personalized recommendations, boosting conversion rates.

Tweakwise is a comprehensive suite designed to enhance e-commerce performance by optimizing site search, merchandising, and product recommendations. Catering to over 300 e-commerce clients, Tweakwise's solutions have been shown to increase conversion rates by more than 15%, offering powerful tools that give full control over webshop functionalities.

Key Features and Solutions

  • Site Search: Tweakwise allows customization of site search algorithms, including smart suggestions and error correction, to ensure the most relevant search results for users.
  • Merchandising: With Tweakwise, lister pages can be precisely tailored to highlight the most relevant products, significantly influencing over 60% of visitors who rely on these pages.
  • Recommendations: By displaying personalized product recommendations, Tweakwise helps boost both conversion rates and average order values.
  • Guided Selling: This feature aims to replicate the in-store assistance experience online, helping customers find the products they need more efficiently.

Advanced Capabilities

  • Personalization: Tweakwise enables unique shopping experiences for every visitor, using data-driven insights to tailor product displays and recommendations.
  • Builder: This tool allows businesses to construct lister pages that align with their specific needs, optimizing the user experience.
  • External Data Sources: Tweakwise can integrate data from various external systems to enhance the functionality and relevance of the webshop.

Implementation and Integration

Tweakwise supports a wide range of e-commerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, Shopware, Vendre, Sana Commerce, and Core-suite. Integration can be as simple as placing a script in the webshop or through a full API integration, ensuring flexibility and ease of use for different technical setups.

Mission and Support

Tweakwise is committed to reshaping the e-commerce landscape by providing tools that not only increase conversion rates but also make day-to-day operations more manageable for e-commerce managers. The platform offers comprehensive reporting tools, ensuring users can monitor and tweak their setups as needed for optimal performance. Additionally, Tweakwise provides ongoing support and resources, including trade shows, webinars, and success stories, to help clients maximize their e-commerce potential.