Getting started

Welcome to the Tweakwise API documentation! Here you'll be able to find all the information you need regarding our APIs. There are three different APIs you can make use of: the frontend, the backend and the analytics API. All APIs are HTTP-services, but serve different purposes.

Frontend API

The frontend API can also be viewed as the "storefront API". This service provides everything you need when implementing Tweakwise in your own storefronts. For example, this API allows you to implement functionality like autocomplete and filtering in your shop.

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Backend API

The backend API has more of a focus regarding the configuration of your instance. It for example allows you to add new products, update categories, and even set up entire modules like Google Analytics 4.

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Analytics API

The Analytics API allows you to push events to Tweakwise that are related to actions visitors and customers undertook on your storefront. For example, viewing a product detail page or having bought a product.

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