Product lister pages

To enable product lister pages (or category pages), Tweakwise JS can take over the existing page and show a product lister page for the category the user is visiting.

Follow the recipe to get a quick start or follow the guide below.

To enable the product lister page, extend the twn-starter-config configuration object with the navigation object. Replace the CID value with the category id you want to show. This id should be known to us, as provided through the feed or Backend API.

  // ...
  navigation: {
  	cid: "CID" // <- Replace CID with the category id you want to show

If done correctly, Tweakwise JS will replace the output container with a product lister page for the specified category. In case you don't want to show a product lister page you can omit the navigation property or set navigation to null. For example on the home page.

Important: the snippet above is an example on how to overwrite Tweakwise JS configuration in your frontend. Read more about available options in our Options reference.



For this functionality you need to have a subscription for Level Medium or higher.