Group codes

In Tweakwise, the concept of main products with variants does not exist; instead, group keys are used for product grouping.

For example, you may have a main product with variants in different sizes and colors but want to group them by size only. In this case, the group key would be the same for all sizes, but different for each color.

Group keys provide the necessary flexibility for grouping products based on specific attributes, ensuring a tailored product display without relying on a main product/variant structure.

Key concepts

Items and Group Keys

  • Items: Every product variant (such as different sizes or colors) is treated as an individual item.
  • Group Keys: These are used to represent the main product, linking together various items (variants) under one primary identifier.

Grouping Variants

In some cases, it is essential to group items based on specific properties while allowing other properties to remain ungrouped. For example:

  • Grouping by Size: All sizes of a particular product might be grouped together.
  • Ungrouped by Color: Different colors of the same product might be displayed as separate items or vice versa.

This flexibility allows for a more tailored presentation of products on the lister page, ensuring that the grouping shown to users aligns with their expectations and the business logic.

For example, if you search for a red chair, the item displayed will be the red variant instead of the main color.


Read our product guide What is a group code? for more details.


You need to use different API calls to show these separate products as one in your shop. To learn more, visit the Items or Grouped Items section.


This feature is currently not supported in Tweakwise JS