Product lister pages / category pages

By default the JS Implementation will only have search functionality. It is possible to expand this functionality with the usage of category pages. Where the JS Implementation will take over the page and show a product lister page for the category the user is visiting.


For this functionality you need to have a subscription for Level Medium or higher.

To enable the category page you need to add some configuration using JavaScript. Please copy the snippet below into your HTML and replace CID with the id of the category you want to show.

  window["twn-starter-config"] = window["twn-starter-config"] || {};
  window["twn-starter-config"].navigation =  {
    cid: "CID" // <- Replace CID with the category id you want to show

By doing this; the JS Implementation will replace the output container with a product lister page for the specified category.

For pages where you don't want to show a product lister page you can put this option on null. This is useful on for example the home page.


The snippet above is an example on how to add configuration locally.

For more information on adding configuration locally click here β†’